Kimo Nevius



by Kimo Nevius

Released 2011
Released 2011
Folk, roots, and rock -- with a Hawaiian twist.
Recorded live on Maui and in New York City, the bulk of the seven tracks on this EP focus on Hawaiian history in a kind of musical "talk story." "Hey! Ho!" and "Maliko Gulch" narrate different aspects of the plantation era; "Lahaina Town" is a sea shanty; "Luakini" tells the story of King Kamehameha III; and "Going Home" imagines a modern dreamer putting himself in the shoes of the first Polynesian explorers. The EP also includes "No Known Cure for Nostalgia," about holding onto the past, and "Emily & John Francis," a love song. All songs are written by Kimo Nevius. For more info, go to