Kimo Nevius


In Search of Lost Time

by Kimo Nevius

Released 2015
Released 2015
A musical journey into the past and around the world, with folk, rock, and Americana influences.
A singer/songwriter for over twenty years, Kimo Nevius brings deep roots in folk and Americana to the island of Maui and its history. His songs run the gamut from traditional folk songs to straight-up rock and roll.

The songs on "In Search of Lost Time," revolve around journeys: road trips, voyages across the sea, jumping in the rabbit hole of the past, and much more.

"Kimo Nevius writes and plays a unique brand of folk music steeped in Hawaiian history and culture. Many of his songs deal with Maui in the nineteenth century—a time of whaling ships, sugar plantation, and cowboys, and his songs narrate stories of everyone from commoners to kings. When he’s not writing about Maui, his work still has a tendency to focus on the past—from the warm glow of nostalgia to remembering the feeling of first love." — Anu Yagi, Maui Time Weekly